Today we join the shepherds who witness all these things and gave glory to God. The birth of Jesus is a great event that we celebrate every year. It is part of the great story of God’s love for the world. And all of us are a part of this story. And there are moments every day that remind us that we are part of this history of salvation. We have moments when we recognize the providence of God. Some recognize this and celebrate it. Others do not recognize it and live life without this Christmas joy.

So we who are gathered today give thanks for the privilege of having the faith of the shepherds, for being allowed to experience the presence of God in our life and recognize that we are a part of a great story of how God came to our world so as to make us a holy people and to give us a heavenly inheritance. And even though we were not visited by Angels, we still feel like we are in Bethlehem in the presence of “Mary and Joseph, and the infant lying in the manger,” when like Mary, we ponder all these things in our hearts. That is how we keep these events alive. We don’t always understand them but we can ponder them, think about them, meditate upon them, and therefore we can leave here today in the same spirit of the those shepherds who went back to their same old way of life, the same cold field of sheep, the same old obscurity, but now “glorifying and praising God for all they had heard and seen.” We are a part of this exciting story that has a beautiful ending if we allow ourselves to humbly take our part in the Providence of God. So continue to ponder all of these things in your hearts and may all of you have a very M-a-r-y Christmas.

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